Septal deviation is more than just having a crooked or asymmetrical nose. Septal deviation is a functional rhinoplasty problem, which can make it difficult for patients to breathe, sometimes even waking them up in the middle of the night if they stop breathing. This is a serious problem that can severely impact one’s quality of life.

Luckily, deviated septum rhinoplasty, also known as septoplasty, can fix an obstructed nasal airway, restoring function to the nose.

Septoplasty can also be performed in conjunction with cosmetic rhinoplasty to enhance the appearance of the nose. Dr. Michael J. Yoo conveniently serves his Southern California patients with an offices located in Irvine and Beverly Hills, CA. Contact him today to request a consultation.

About Deviated Septum Rhinoplasty

Septal deviation can be present since birth or can form as a result of trauma to the nose, whether due to an accident or during primary rhinoplasty surgery. The septum is a combination of bone and cartilage that separates the nasal airways. When the septum breaks or bends, it can obstruct the passage of air through the left or right nostril, or both, causing breathing problems. This can also lead to chronic nosebleeds and discomfort. Patients who have a deviated septum should meet with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in facial plastic surgery, especially rhinoplasty and septoplasty. Contact Dr. Yoo’s office today to request a consultation.

Septoplasty Process

Septoplasty is typically performed as an outpatient procedure under local or general anesthesia, depending on the extent of the patient’s condition. It usually takes 1-2 hours to perform.

In most cases, septoplasty will require making an incision in a discreet location at the base of the nose to access the septum. He will have to fold back the mucous membrane, which covers and protects the septum. Then, he will reset the septum. Cartilage or bone obstructing the airway will either be reset or removed. Finally, he will redrape the mucous membrane and close the incision with sutures. The nose will be packed with cotton to keep it in place while it heals.

If the deviated septum has occurred as a result of physical trauma to the nose, then the doctor may need to re-break the nose. This allows the doctor to reset the nasal bone so that it is straight. It is temporarily held in place while it heals by a nasal splint.


In most cases, the patient will be permitted to return home following the procedure. Like any other invasive procedure, the patient should make sure that they have another adult with them for the first 24 hours following surgery to assist them in anything they might need.

The patient should avoid strenuous activity for a few weeks. However, they should be allowed to return to work in 1-2 weeks.

Pain medication will be provided by Dr. Yoo as needed. However, they should not take over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen, aspirin, or naproxen for two weeks, because they may cause nose bleeds. Within weeks and after the packing material has been removed, the patient should notice an improvement in their ability to breath.

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