Hispanic Rhinoplasty Procedure

Different ethnicities will pose different factors that are important to keep in mind when performing rhinoplasty.

In general, people of Hispanic and Latino descent possess certain nasal qualities that a surgeon should be familiar with prior to performing rhinoplasty on them.

It is also one of the fastest growing types of ethnic rhinoplasty performed in southern California. Hispanic rhinoplasty is performed in order to help achieve symmetry and proportion in the face, while still maintaining ancestral traits.

Read below to find out about a few of the generalized characteristics of Hispanic and Latino nasal structures and the specific techniques Dr. Yoo utilizes to address common concerns. Then, contact his office in Irvine or Beverly Hills CA to request a consultation.

Thick Nasal Skin

Hispanic skin tends to be thicker, especially on the nose. This can make certain Hispanic nasal features appear even more pronounced, including the flat nasal bridge and broad nasal tip. In some cases, Dr. Yoo may make the nasal skin “thinner” by removing fat from underneath the skin. He can also address some of the concerns that the thicker nasal skin accentuates. These can be addressed utilizing both open and closed techniques.

Undefined Nasal Bridge

In general, people of Hispanic descent have a more undefined and flatter nasal bridge. This can be built up using grafting material. Grafting material is most frequently composed of cartilage, bone, silicone, or medpore. If the patient does not have enough nasal cartilage to use cartilage for grafting, as is often the case with Hispanic patients, then Dr. Yoo prefers to use silicone. Silicone is a durable material that will not melt, disintegrate, or change shape once placed into the nose. However, prior to placement, Dr. Yoo can further shape the mold to uniquely fit to the patient’s unique features and needs.

Flat Nasal Tip

A flat and broad nasal tip is another common characteristic of the Hispanic nose. This can cause the nasal tip to seem not projected enough. In many cases, a nose tip graft may be necessary to provide definition. Another way to refine the tip of the nose is by “shaving” down the lateral cartilages of the nose, if the nasal tip is characterized as broad but not flat.

Wide Nostrils

A flat nasal tip can sometimes cause the nostrils to appear overly wide. In order to correct this concern, Dr. Yoo frequently performs an alar wedge excision technique. This is performed by excising a wedge of skin from the base of each nostril. Then, the two edges of the excision are brought together in order to create smaller, more proportionate nostrils. This must be performed by a plastic surgeon experienced in the technique in order to ensure that the outcome does not appear pinched or tight. The goal of performing an alar wedge excision is to create harmony between the nasal tip and the nostrils.

Hispanic rhinoplasty is one of the fastest growing procedures in southern California and Dr. Yoo is one of the foremost plastic surgeons performing this technique in Orange County and Beverly Hills, CA and the surrounding areas. Contact his offices today to request a consultation, so he can go over in the detail the specifics of the individual case.