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Gynecomastia is a condition in which there is an abnormal growth of breast tissue in males. This can result in the development of breasts that resemble a female’s. Various factors, including hormonal imbalances, certain medications, and certain medical conditions, can cause gynecomastia. In many cases, the condition can be treated with liposuction. This condition is nothing to be ashamed of, but the formation of “man boobs” can feel devastating when you’d rather have a sculpted, chiseled chest. Male chest liposuction is a safe, FDA-approved way to reduce male breasts; this treatment uses advanced liposuction techniques to remove unwanted fat in the breasts and help return them to their masculine shape. Breast reduction for men is common and sought by men of all ages.

Dr. Michael J. Yoo, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, Los Angeles, and Orange County, specializes in liposuction techniques that can dramatically shift the contours and profile of the male chest. He knows how transformative chest liposuction can be for patients suffering from gynecomastia, both physically and emotionally. The procedure can help reduce the breast tissue’s size and create a more masculine chest appearance, improving self-confidence and self-esteem. To learn more about chest liposuction, schedule a consultation with Dr. Yoo by calling (949) 861-3340 or filling out this form.

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What is Gynecomastia?

Are you concerned about the development of tissue in your chest? This issue is more prevalent in men than you may think. Gynecomastia typically occurs at three different phases of life: the neonatal period, puberty, and later in life. [1] 

  • During the neonatal period, an estimated 60-90% of infants develop transient breast tissue due to the presence of estrogens; this usually resolves within the first year of life.
  • During puberty, the incidence of gynecomastia ranges from 4-69%, with peak onset between the ages of 13-14 and declining in the late teenage years. Only 10% of boys have persistent gynecomastia by age 17. 
  • In adulthood, the highest prevalence is found between the ages of 50 and 80 years.

Many men will develop a hormone imbalance at some point in their lives. A higher level of estrogen can cause male breast tissue to swell. Diet and lifestyle have also contributed to excess male breast tissue. [2]

Causes of Gynecomastia

Symptoms of gynecomastia may include swollen breast tissue, tenderness, and in some cases, fluid discharge from the breast. Here are some common causes of gynecomastia:

  • Liver disease
  • Tumors
  • Obesity
  • Poor diet
  • Certain medications
  • Illegal drugs
  • Alcohol use

“Man boobs” can be uncomfortable and a source of embarrassment. Men with breasts should not let their condition hold them back from engaging in activities they love. If you are concerned about the appearance of your chest, male chest liposuction may be your best solution!

Liposuction is an excellent choice to reduce unwanted tissue and sculpt the male chest. Dr. Yoo will approach your procedure with a man’s perspective and attention to detail. If you are concerned about the appearance of your chest, Dr. Yoo will help reduce your concerns and develop a plan to achieve your body goals.

Types of Liposuction

Dr. Yoo specializes in liposuction, which implements tumescent fluid to help provide a smooth procedure and recovery. Dr. Yoo combines both techniques to help sculpt the chest and promote a healthy recovery.

Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent liposuction is a technique that uses a combination of fluids to minimize tissue trauma and promote faster recovery during liposuction surgery. This fluid mixture comprises saline, local anesthetic, and epinephrine.

The fluid causes the fat cells to expand, making them easier to remove. The local anesthetic helps numb the treatment area, and the epinephrine causes blood vessels to constrict, reducing blood loss and trauma to the surrounding tissue. This leads to less bruising, and swelling and a more comfortable and shorter recovery period.

Power-Assisted Liposuction

Power-assisted liposuction is a tried and true method used by professionals for many years. Dr. Yoo prefers to use this technique as it has been refined over time and has been shown to produce long-term positive results. 

The procedure begins by injecting the treatment area with tumescent fluid, then Dr. Yoo performs the power-assisted liposuction using a small cannula and a suction device to remove the fat cells. The procedure also involves small vibrations, which helps to remove stubborn fat cells from the surrounding tissue. This method will remove the dislodged fat cells from the chest and they will not return.

Dr. Yoo has a lot of experience assisting patients in achieving their body goals. He prides himself on his work and is passionate about helping all of his patients. If you are interested in how Dr. Yoo can reduce your man breasts and achieve your ideal masculine chest contour, schedule a consultation with him today.

What are the Benefits of Chest Liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that can be used to treat the abnormal growth of breast tissue in males. The benefits of liposuction to treat gynecomastia include:

Improved Chest Appearance

Liposuction can remove excess fat and breast tissue, creating a more masculine chest that compliments the male physique.

Increased Self-Confidence

Many men with gynecomastia feel self-conscious about their breast tissue and can experience low self-esteem. Liposuction can improve self-confidence and restore a full life.

Relief from Physical Discomfort

Gynecomastia can cause physical discomfort, such as pain and tenderness in the breast area. Liposuction can alleviate these symptoms.

Minimally-Invasive Procedure

Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure, which means less trauma to the body and reduced recovery time.

Customizable Procedure

The procedure can be customized to meet the specific needs of each patient.

Long-Lasting Results

Liposuction can permanently remove the breast tissue and last for a long time, assuming a healthy lifestyle is maintained.

Liposuction is not a substitute for weight loss and is not recommended for patients who are significantly overweight. If you are healthy and looking for gynecomastia treatment, look no further. Dr. Yoo performs male chest liposuction procedures with precision and expertise. Your male chest reduction procedure will give you a defined chest and boosted confidence!

Candidates for Liposuction in Irvine

If you are a man looking to improve the appearance of your chest, Dr. Yoo may be able to help. Dr. Yoo can provide a personalized solution if you have gynecomastia or struggle to achieve muscle definition.

The ideal candidates for male chest liposuction are healthy men with good skin elasticity. Good skin elasticity is an important factor to consider when considering liposuction because it ensures that the skin can adjust to the body’s new contours after the procedure. Good skin elasticity allows the skin to shrink and conform to the new, smaller body shape after removing fat. If a patient has poor skin elasticity, the skin may not be able to contract and may appear loose or saggy after the procedure. In this case, additional procedures such as skin tightening surgery may be required to achieve optimal results.

In addition, patients with good skin elasticity tend to experience less post-operative skin irritation and a lower risk of complications such as infections, bleeding, and hematoma. Discussing the procedure with a qualified plastic surgeon like Dr. Yoo is important to know if you are a good candidate for liposuction. If you are interested in this procedure, schedule a consultation with Dr. Yoo to discuss your options and determine if liposuction is the right choice.

Personal Consultation with Dr. Yoo

In your private meeting with Dr. Yoo, you will be given the incredible opportunity to discuss your concerns with a board-certified plastic surgeon. He will listen to your concerns and examine your chest. Dr. Yoo will ask about your general health and current medications to better understand your health.

Dr. Yoo will take the time to explain male chest liposuction surgery and how it would be performed on you to create natural improvements.

Together, you and Dr. Yoo will create a treatment plan that addresses your concerns and achieves your desired outcome. An appointment will be scheduled, and Dr. Yoo will instruct you on preparing for your surgery and recovery.

Preparation for Chest Liposuction

Before your liposuction appointment, you should acquire any necessary medications and arrange for someone to assist you during the initial 24 hours following the procedure. It’s also important to take time off from work, usually up to a week, to allow yourself enough time to rest and recover. To ensure a smooth experience, it’s recommended that you get a good night’s sleep before your surgery and wear comfortable clothes to the appointment.

The Procedure

Depending on what you and Dr. Yoo choose, your procedure may be performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation.

When you arrive at your appointment, you will change into a gown, and the medical team will prep your chest for surgery. The predetermined form of anesthesia will be applied, and your surgery will begin once it has taken effect.

  • Small incisions will be made on the chest.
  • The tumescent fluid will be introduced to the treatment area.
  • A thin cannula will be inserted into the incisions.
  • Vibrations will help detach fat cells from tissue.
  • The dislodged fat will be suctioned out of the chest with the cannula.
  • Dr. Yoo will strategically remove stubborn fat cells and help contour the chest.

Once the procedure is completed, the incisions will be closed with sutures. You will be taken to a recovery room and monitored until you wake up and can return home.

Recovery After Surgery

After your surgery, your chest will be swollen, bruised, and sore. Prescribed medications will help keep you comfortable as you rest and heal. A compression garment will be applied to the chest and must be worn for four to six weeks. The compression garment will help control swelling and assist your chest in adjusting to its new contours.

You should be able to return to work after a week or less of recovery. Avoid strenuous activity and attend follow-up appointments to ensure your recovery is going well.

What are the Results of Chest Liposuction for Gynecomastia?

The effects of liposuction will be visible immediately after the procedure, but the final results will become more apparent as the swelling subsides. The results of liposuction are long-lasting, but it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to maintain the results. At Dr. Yoo’s office, we encourage our patients to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet to help preserve their results for as long as possible.

Patients will have a more defined, masculine chest, increased confidence, and can wear tight-fitting shirts with ease and pride.

What is the Cost of Gynecomastia Treatment in Beverly Hills?

Dr. Michael Yoo, a Top Irvine Plastic Surgeon, hand-tailors every chest liposuction procedure to the individual patient’s needs. Our personalized approach means that each patient’s lipo surgery cost will reflect the details of their treatment. To learn more about the cost of male chest liposuction, schedule a consultation with Dr. Yoo at (949) 861-3340.


Can liposuction get rid of gynecomastia?

Yes. Liposuction is an effective surgery to reduce unwanted fat stores. For some men, it is very difficult to reduce fat in the chest and obtain the sculpted pectoral muscles they desire. Liposuction can slim down the chest and help accent your chest muscles.

Can gynecomastia go away?

Yes. Many males who undergo gynecomastia enter a time in their life when their hormones fluctuate. Gynecomastia will go away after a few years or a few weeks in the case of newborn babies. However, some men may want to reduce the effects gynecomastia has caused on their chest. To improve the definition of your chest, liposuction can be used to reduce excess tissue and enhance muscle definition.

Can you remove gynecomastia?

Yes. Gynecomastia, or the swelling of breast tissue, is caused by a hormone imbalance. The excess swollen tissue can be removed with lipo surgery.

How much is liposuction for male breasts?

Male chest liposuction is a unique procedure for each man. Many factors go into lipo surgery for male breasts. These considerations include the method of liposuction used and the amount of tissue removed. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Yoo today if you want to learn more about your personalized procedure.

Is gynecomastia surgery necessary?

Gynecomastia surgery may not be necessary. Some doctors may recommend that patients take medications or try new lifestyles to reduce tissue swelling. However, gynecomastia surgery will provide you with instant results! Hormone medications and other plans will not provide you with the instant outcome that surgery will.


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