liposuction treatment areas

Everybody is unique, so every body must be celebrated differently.

Whether your chest is your best feature or you like to show off your backside during beach season, your beauty is as individual as your personality. If you are dissatisfied with a particular area of your physique, liposuction may be the answer. Excess fat builds up over time, affecting your shape, size, and aesthetic. Liposuction targets these fat deposits and removes them to restore a more desirable look.

No procedure is a “one size fits all” solution, so let’s explore our many liposuction options before you visit our Beverly Hills clinic for a cosmetic consultation.

Preferred Techniques

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, almost a quarter of a million people receive liposuction procedures every year. This number rose 6% between 2015 and 2016, so its popularity is rising along with its reliability. 

The tumescent approach has proven to be an enduring and dependable liposuction technique. It uses sterile saline mixed with a local anesthetic to soften the fatty tissue. Dr. Yoo performs power-assisted tumescent liposuction to remove any unwanted material gently and effectively.

He achieves this goal with a vibrating cannula, a thin vacuum tube that sucks fat from your body.

Because of its accuracy and compact nature, the cannula can target fat deposits from a plethora of different bodily areas. It helps gently sculpt your body into your preferred shape, depending on your cosmetic needs.


Perhaps there is only one “problem area” that you want to treat with liposuction. Or, after a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Yoo, you might decide that multiple areas need his expert attention. Together, you can create a holistic strategy and maximize your cosmetic improvement! 

For example, you can slim your waist to achieve an hourglass figure. Or trim your arms to accentuate your bust line. Whichever end result best defines your look, Dr. Yoo has the experience to help you move forward. 


It goes by many names: the belly, tummy, stomach, “spare tire” etc. But almost everyone struggles to keep a flat midriff. No matter how much you exercise, sometimes your six-pack abs need help finding the light of day.

Abdomen liposuction might just be the perfect complement to your workout routine.

As we age, unsightly bulges can accumulate around our midsection. By reducing the content of these abdominal deposits, Dr. Yoo can slim your silhouette dramatically. This procedure is different than a tummy tuck, which involves the removal of excess skin due to a recent pregnancy or other significant weight loss. Liposuction is often incorporated into tummy tuck to deliver the smoothest, tightest abdominal contours possible.


They may be called “love handles,” but some people certainly don’t love the bulky area above their hips.

You’ve tried yoga, pilates, and jogging your way to an ideal shape, but some areas are just too difficult to sweat off. 

Flank liposuction is a great option for women striving for that iconic hourglass figure. It accentuates your femininity and liberates the slender you within. For men who spend hours in the gym chasing that elusive V-shaped torso, flank reduction may be just what the trainer ordered! The procedure really helps your physique pop without stressing your back, legs, and abdominal muscles from hours of strain and disappointment.


The hips themselves are also perfect candidates for fat reduction. Some people tend to hide their midsection when it expands too much.

By slimming and contouring your hips, Dr. Yoo and his Beverly Hills team can help free you up to dance, dazzle, and dream your way to a new life!

One of the residual benefits of hip liposuction is the reclamation of your wardrobe. All of those pants, skirts, and shorts that you shoved into the back of your closet are now back in play thanks to this transformative procedure.


Liposuction is so much more than just fat removal.

One of the major perks to liposuction is how it sculpts and reshapes the area affected. In the case of the buttocks, Dr. Yoo can target bulky deposits on the upper and outer cheeks to reduce their unflattering dynamics. Once this fat has been reduced, the buttocks become perkier and more shapely.

If you are also seeking a higher, rounder posterior, a Brazilian Butt Lift may be in your future. Our offices may be in Beverly Hills, but you’ll leave feeling like you’re stepping out on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

Upper Arms

Men begin to lose lean muscle in their 20s and women experience this change in their 40s. The upper arm area is often where this struggle becomes most noticeable. 

As we get older, it’s more difficult to tone and shape our muscles from exercise alone.

If your triceps are sagging or your shoulders simply don’t retain the shape they once did, liposuction may be a worthy endeavor. You also may be an ideal candidate for an Arm Lift if your fat deposits are accompanied by excess skin or “bat wings” that hang from your underarms. 

Ankles and Calves

Your legs are two of your greatest accessories. You show them off in stylish shoes, you deck them out in skinny jeans, and you strut them every chance you get. All of these activities can be enhanced with the help of liposuction.

Considered the “gold standard” of lower leg sculpting, liposuction helps craft striking lines that elongate your ankle, slim your calf, and draw the eye pleasingly up from your toes to the rest of your gorgeous figure.


Bra sales are a $12 billion a year industry, offering numerous variations in size, style, and silhouette. But some shapes are just too unique to be satisfied by the traditional undergarment. If your bra feels uncomfortable or accentuates unwanted bulges, chest liposuction can help.

By sculpting a woman’s upper body, it can help her feel sexy, empowered, and comfortable.

Men may also benefit from upper chest fat reduction. Gynecomastia is a condition that makes some male patients fuller in the chest area than they would like to be. Liposuction is a great remedy for this situation. If you suspect you have gynecomastia or pseudogynecomastia, consult a trusted member of our team. We can handle your case with the discretion and attention you deserve.


Back fat is a persistent issue for some individuals, so to better understand your unique situation, let’s define the various regions of this area.

  • Infra-scapular: the region below the shoulder blades that are often pinched by a bra strap
  • Posterior-axillary: these fat deposits linger near the armpit along the outer-upper back area
  • Posterior-waist: just above the buttocks and off to the sides, near the hips
  • Lumbo-sacral: this is above the tailbone along the midline of the lower back
  • Buffalo hump: the term for the fat that accumulates beneath the neck on the upper back

Given the range of textures and aesthetics represented by these regions of the human back, you need a skilled healthcare professional to navigate your best cosmetic options.


A “thigh gap” may be all the rage among some circles, but your potential can’t be confined to current trends. There are no limits to how beautiful your thighs can be with the help of the right team. Whether you’re hoping for trim legs, more defined musculature, or the aforementioned thigh gap, we’re here to help you realize your vision.

Dr. Yoo and his staff are experts in the discipline of thigh liposuction.

Minimally invasive yet maximizing your results, our goal is to get you back on your feet as quickly and comfortably as possible. Our techniques are designed to reduce bruising, blood loss, and discomfort, because your needs are our greatest concern.


While it may be difficult to slim your thighs and calves through aerobic activity, it is literally impossible to lose the fat on your knees this way. Dr. Yoo can address your “leg look” holistically to make sure every sculpting procedure works harmoniously. Otherwise, you might be left with unsightly fat deposits on your kneecaps. Discuss your concerns with our helpful healthcare team and we can create a strategy to avoid unexpected and unwelcome bulky protrusions in your mid-leg region.

Chin & Neck

The dreaded double-chin can really ruin your day. It shows up in family photos, it detracts from your natural beauty, and it stares back at you in the mirror every day.

Luckily, there’s a treatment for that! Chin reduction targets the pesky deposits of fat that sometimes can’t be eradicated by exercise or a healthy diet. Dr. Yoo’s dedicated Beverly Hills staff can reduce the “double chin” effect and sculpt a more symmetrical jawline in the process. Their patients can also achieve a more swan-like neck with the help of Yoo’s hyper-targeted liposuction methods.


Can I get a full body liposuction?

Dr. Yoo is determined to provide you the best care available, and his expertise will guide your cosmetic journey. Together, you can prioritize which areas you would most like to enhance, and create a schedule accordingly.

How many areas can I enhance at once?

According to one exhaustive study, the average number of areas reduced in a typical liposuction session is 1.8. Your procedure should be guided by your desires as well as a consultation with Dr. Yoo.

Is liposuction safe?

Yes, especially when you trust your physician and communicate any hesitation you may have before you get liposuction. Together, you can discuss the procedure and make sure it meets your specific needs.

What is the recovery time?

The answer depends on the specific procedure you’re getting. We work to reduce bruising, blood loss, and pain, no matter which area of the body you are enhancing.

How much does liposuction cost?

Every procedure varies in price. Your cost will depend on how extensive your procedure is, what your insurance covers, and how we can work within your financial restrictions.

How does liposuction compare to CoolSculpting?

Coolsculpting requires several visits to achieve your desired look, since each procedure removes less fat than a liposuction session.