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A breast augmentation revision is a surgery that addresses a patient’s concerns with their results following their initial breast enhancement procedure. This may include the removal or replacement of synthetic breast implants, or adjustments to the overlying tissue in order to improve the appearance of the patient’s breasts. Breast implants have helped countless patients volumize their breast contour and elevate their self-esteem. Unfortunately, many patients find themselves unsatisfied with their results after recovering from their surgery. It’s estimated that up to 36% of breast augmentations are followed by a revision surgery.[1] If implants have not been placed correctly, or no longer meet the patient’s needs, a breast augmentation revision surgery is often required. Additionally, these medical devices are not built to last forever. The older the implant, the greater the likelihood of developing complications such as capsular contracture.

Breast augmentation revision surgery can resolve these concerns and ensure that a patient can continue to enjoy her breast enhancements in good health. Dr. Michael J. Yoo is a compassionate board-certified plastic surgeon experienced in performing a wide range of breast revision surgeries. Contact either of our conveniently located offices in Southern California to schedule an initial consultation. Contact us at (424) 209-9925 (Beverly Hills) or Newport Beach (949) 861-3340.

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Breast augmentation is one of the most frequently performed plastic surgeries in the United States. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), over 193,000 patients sought to augment the size of their breasts in 2020. [2] These surgeries enhance the breast size and shape with the help of breast implants that are filled with saline or silicone gel. They come in a wide array of sizes, projections, and shapes, and today’s models are safer than ever. However, in addition to the many implant specifications available, there are also many surgical approaches used to place them. It’s up to the surgeon to counsel the patient and recommend the best approach for placement location and incision pattern to achieve the best results. Unfortunately, not all surgeons have the experience or willingness to compromise in order to deliver the best results safely. Even in the best hands, complications can arise as time passes. That’s why patients with breast implants are instructed to get regular screenings to make sure that their tissues are healthy, and that the implant is functioning as it should. [1] Being proactive can significantly reduce aesthetic and health complications.

Reasons for Breast Augmentation Revision

Patients unhappy with their initial results seek a revisions surgery for several reasons, including:

  • Desire to change the size and shape of their breasts
  • Implants that are over 20 years old or have malfunctioned
  • Changes to the overlying tissue of the breasts, such as rippling or sagging
  • Implants that are incorrectly positioned or have migrated 
  • Hardening, distortion, or discomfort as the result of capsular contracture

Surgical Solution

A breast revision procedure can be performed in 1-3 hours. During surgery, the breast cavity that houses the implants can be accessed through the same incisions used in the initial surgery to avoid any additional scarring. Depending on the patient’s unique case, implants can be removed to restore a more natural look or exchanged with new models in order to adjust the size and shape. Often, the implants that a women chose earlier in life no longer meet her lifestyle or aesthetic several decades later. For women that don’t require removal or exchange, the surgeon can adjust the placement of the implant and the surrounding tissues. This may include:

  • Fat graft: A fat transfer to the breasts removes unwanted fat from elsewhere in the patient’s body, and relocates it to the breasts to improve the contours, correct asymmetry, or correct the appearance of rippling.
  • Breast Lift: Aging, pregnancy, and other circumstances can cause the breasts to sag. A breast lift removes excess skin and repositions the areola for a perkier, more youthful appearance. This can also be performed at the same time as an implant exchange.

This allows women to restore a smooth, lifted appearance to their breasts so that they can continue to enjoy the breasts they desire. 


Breast augmentation surgery allows women to address any feelings of dissatisfaction felt about the outcome of their initial surgery so that they can finally achieve the results they deserve. Breast Augmentation revision surgery is customized to each patient’s needs and can:

  • Include a combination of surgical approaches to create an ideal profile
  • Refine or revise breast contours based on current preferences 
  • Correct surgical errors
  • Maintain patient health and breast aesthetic
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence


Ideal candidates for revision surgery are:

  • Healthy, non-smokers at a stable weight
  • Unhappy with the shape, size, or placement of their breast implants
  • Experiencing an implant leakage, rupture, or other related health conditions
  • Have experienced unwanted changes in the position and appearance of their breasts as a result of their implants.

Additionally, well-informed candidates are aware of the kind of results that can be obtained with revision surgery, and the factors that can affect their results in the future, such as pregnancy, weight fluctuation, and the normal aging process.

Personal Consultation with Dr. Yoo

During your consultation, you’ll meet with Dr. Yoo and his caring medical staff at his offices in Beverly Hills or Newport Beach. Dr. Yoo will review your medical record and operative report from your initial surgery so that he can learn more about the details of the procedure. Then, you’ll be able to have an open and compassionate conversation about your aesthetic and health concerns. After performing an examination of your breasts, and reviewing the results of any additional diagnostics, he’ll be able to provide a recommendation about the best course of action to achieve your goals. He’ll be able to help guide you through your options so you can make a well-informed decision about how you’d like to proceed. Secure an initial appointment in Los Angeles or Orange County. Reach us at (424) 209-9925 in Beverly Hills, or in Newport Beach by calling (949) 861-3340. Patients can also make their requests online or book a virtual consultation


Preparing for a breast augmentation revision surgery is similar to how you prepared for your initial breast enhancement. Our office will provide a customized list of pre-surgical items to complete weeks before. They include:

  • Stop using nicotine products, including vapes several weeks before surgery to encourage proper blood flow.
  • Halt taking certain blood thinners and NSAIDs to avoid bleeding.
  • Fill the prescriptions ordered by Dr. Yoo.
  • Arrange for a ride home after your surgery is completed.
  • Follow instructions on fasting the night before surgery, if applicable. 


Before your revision surgery begins, you’ll meet with Dr. Yoo to review the details of your surgery so that he can answer any last-minute questions that you may have. You’ll then be administered either local anesthesia with IV sedation or general anesthesia, based on your preferences and treatment plan. Dr. Yoo will proceed by making an incision on the breast profile. However, instead of creating new incisions, he’ll simply follow the incision lines left from your initial surgery. Once he has direct access to the implant, it can be removed, exchanged, or repositioned, and the surrounding tissues adjusted as necessary. Patients experiencing a capsular contracture will have the damaged implant and the surrounding tissue capsule removed. [1] Once the intended aesthetic is perfected, Dr. Yoo will close the incisions with sutures. You will be allowed to go home following a brief observation period to monitor your overall health. 


Recovering from revision surgery is typically similar to the recovery from an initial augmentation surgery. You can expect to experience fatigue, tingling, swelling, soreness, and bruising, but these will gradually improve, and any discomfort can be managed with the prescribed pain medication. The severity of these should subside within 1-2 weeks, after which you’ll feel more comfortable resuming light activities. Please wait 4-6 weeks before engaging in more strenuous movements. Dr. Yoo will schedule regular follow-up appointments throughout your recovery to monitor your progress.


Following a successful recovery, you will enjoy a newly shaped breast profile that finally satisfies your desires. You’ll also enjoy peace of mind from knowing that you’ve taken action to prioritize your confidence and well-being. 

Cost of Breast Augmentation Revision in Southern California

Breast augmentation revisions take a personalized approach to correcting aesthetic and medical concerns that can arise from an initial augmentation. The price of your surgery will be determined by the details of your treatment plan. We will explain all the costs involved and give you an accurate estimate for your breast augmentation revision following your personal consultation. Interested patients can also contact our offices to receive a preliminary quote. 


How long do breast implants last? 

According to the FDA’s consumer updates regarding breast implants, the lifespan of breast implants varies from patient to patient, so there is no set time frame in which they must be replaced. However, they do explicitly state that breast implants are not lifetime devices, and recommend regular screenings to ensure that implants continue to function properly. 


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