African American Rhinoplasty Procedure

When performing rhinoplasty on African Americans, it is important to keep in mind their unique nasal and facial anatomy. If African American rhinoplasty is performed using the same techniques that are common in Hispanic or Caucasian rhinoplasty, the nose can appear incongruous.

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Dr. Yoo’s Approach

Many of Dr. Yoo’s African American rhinoplasty patients come in concerned about their low nasal bridge, wide and prominent nasal tip, and wide nostrils. The low nasal bridge may also be a functional concern that causes breathing problems.

Dr. Yoo takes time to listen to each of his patient’s concerns.

Nonetheless, the goal of the procedure is to attain ideal proportion and harmony not only between the nasal features but also the face as a whole. While some surgeons see the nose as the focal point of the face, Dr. Yoo believes that the nose should be artfully refined so that it naturally brings attention to the eyes.

Good Candidates

African American men and women who are concerned with the size, shape, or function of their nose may be good candidates for African American rhinoplasty. They may also be concerned that altering the appearance of their nose will erase their unique ethnic identity. Otherwise, good patients for African American rhinoplasty should possess the same traits as general rhinoplasty candidates. They should be:

  • In good health
  • Non-smokers or willing to quit
  • Able to take time to recuperate from surgery
  • Realistic about the results that they can expect

African American Rhinoplasty Techniques

In order to address a low nasal bridge, Dr. Yoo will either use a cartilage graft or a nasal implant. A cartilage graft can be taken from the nose, ear, or rib. The nasal implant that Dr. Yoo prefers is composed of silicone, since it is one of the most durable implants available. However, Dr. Yoo can also further customize it prior to surgery.

Another common African American rhinoplasty technique is changing the size and shape of the nasal tip by manipulating the lower lateral cartilages. These two cartilage pieces come around the base of either side of the nose and the columella, creating the nasal tip. This cartilage can be shaved in order to create a more pleasing shape. In some cases, thick nasal skin can also affect the overly projected appearance of the nasal tip. Tissue underneath the skin can be removed in order to “thin” the skin and reduce the projection of the nose.

It is often necessary to change the appearance of the nostrils if a nasal tip manipulation is performed. In order to change the size and shape of the nostrils, Dr. Yoo utilizes an alar wedge excision. This is performed by removing a section of skin from the nostril at the base of the nose, where any scarring will be least noticeable. African American patients can be particularly susceptible to scarring, so Dr. Yoo performs all techniques with this in mind. Lastly, the incision is closed to produce smaller and more proportional nostrils.

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