Asian rhinoplasty has long been popular, but it is becoming increasingly popular with Asian American patients descending from Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Malaysian, or Japanese heritage.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in the United States. However, not all surgeons are used to performing ethnic rhinoplasty to meet their African American, Asian, Hispanic, and Middle Eastern patients’ needs.

Dr. Yoo has specialized not just in rhinoplasty, but in the different techniques utilized to meet the needs of non-Caucasian clients. Patients of Asian descent who are interested in rhinoplasty should contact board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael J. Yoo in the areas of Irvine and Orange County to request a consultation.

Nasal Bridge

In general, the Asian nose is commonly has an underdeveloped nasal bridge. This makes the bridge of the nose look flat and wide and can make the eyes appear farther apart than they actually are. In order to address this concern, Dr. Yoo primarily utilizes nasal implants. Nasal implants are composed of silicone, gortex, or medpor polymers, but Dr. Yoo prefers to use silicone implants. The silicone implants are flexible enough that they won’t break due to facial trauma, but durable enough that they won’t disintegrate over time.

The reason why cartilage is not typically used to raise the nasal bridge for his patients of Asian descent is because there is often not enough cartilage in the nose to use for grafting. In some cases, cartilage may be taken from the ear or the rib to create a higher nasal bridge.

Nasal Tip

Another common area of concern for Asians and Asian Americans is the nasal tip, which is typically wide and has thick skin. By shaping the nasal tip cartilage, Dr. Yoo can typically create a narrower and more refined nasal tip. In some cases, he may also use nasal tip cartilage grafts or an extended nasal bridge implant to improve the appearance of the nasal tip.


Some Asian noses are characterized by large and wide set nostrils. In order to make the nostrils smaller and in better proportion to the rest of the nose, Dr. Yoo will likely perform an alar wedge resection. This technique involves removing small wedges of skin from the base of the nose to reduce the size of the nostrils. It is very important that this be performed by a skilled nasal surgeon, so that the nostrils do not end up seeming overly pinched or tight.

Dr. Yoo will personally consult with each and every one of his rhinoplasty patients in order to that helps them achieve their desired results.

Of course, this is just a general overview of some of the more commonly used Asian rhinoplasty techniques. Other common techniques may include nose lengthening or addressing other issues with the nasal tip. Get started by contacting Dr. Yoo in Irvine, CA and requesting a consultation today. He looks forward to meeting with both new and existing clients to help them look and feel their very best!